Delivery Terms

Shopping Flow
  1. Place an order
  2. Received Email confirmation
  3. Our staff would be in touch with you within next business day.
  4. Double-confirm with client’s readiness to delivery before items are shipped to HK
  5. Delivery team to schedule delivery with client when product arrives HK and is ready after lead time
  6. Enjoy your new furniture
Lead time

Most of Konlig’s furniture pieces are customized & made-to-order with meticulous craftsmanship. Delivery can be scheduled 4-6 weeks after order confirmation except Chinese New Year and China’s National day holiday.

However, if you have a very special urgent need for quicker turnaround, please go ahead and talk to us! We will try whatever means we can to cater!

Delivery Date and time: Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 17:00. Sunday and Public holiday off. 

Delivery Charges

Delivery and Installation:

Order amount ≤$4,999: delivery and installation charge $500.

Order amount ≥$5,000: Free-of-charge.

  • Above pricing is on the basis of individual order value and therefore wouldn’t vary regardless of no. of items
  • In addition, surcharge(s) would apply to Remote districts and/or Locations where items need to be transported by walking-up the staircase/ slopes and/or Locations where our delivery van/ truck could not arrive at your building’s door front If you are aware of these potential special delivery handling and further carpark fee, we strongly recommend our client to inquire about the exact charges that would apply. The fees may vary on different item(s) and actual delivery circumstance. These surcharge(s) would be paid to us upfront to avoid any delivery complications. Otherwise, if unnotified, these surcharges shall be paid to our delivery team by cash on the spot at an amount according to actual circumstance.
  • For outlying island (apart from districts stated below) can be delivered to the Central Pier where the customer is responsible for arranging sea transport and loading/unloading as well as the payment for any charges thus incurred.
Additional Charges

Remote Districts Surcharge


Ma Wan $250




Discovery Bay $350


Staircase Walk-ups, Off-Road Buildings and other special handling surcharge

  • Common special delivery handling scenarios include

1) walking up the stairs/ slopes

2) item(s) not transportable using the lift at your residential building because of its size

3) our delivery truck (5.5tn) could not arrive at your building’s door front.

  • If you are unsure that products might not fit into the elevator and/or staircase, please contact our Penta team and provide us with photos of the elevator and/or staircase and indicate the dimension including width and height, distance between the door and the wall, and if there are any obstructions upon entering the elevator and/or staircase such as a fire hose and hand rail that might inhibit the turning radius.
  • Under particular circumstances if the furniture does not fit into the staircase due to absence of / inaccurate special handling info, the customer is responsible for the handling cost of returning the items.
  • Staircase Walk-up Surcharge
  • Walk-up Staircase: any staircase that requires steps between 1 to 10 steps is regarded as 1 floor

Under particular circumstances if the furniture does not fit into the staircase due to absence of / inaccurate special handling info, the customer is responsible for the handling cost of returning the items.

Return and Replacement

Under normal circumstances, our products are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Upon delivery, you (or your representative) must inspect the product and confirm your acceptance. In an unlikely event that you find a faulty product, you must notify our delivery team & technician immediately. Any damage declared after receipt will not be accepted.

Therefore, it is our customer’s responsibility, on the delivery day, to inspect all items and then sign the invoices to acknowledge that they are received in good condition. Any replacement or refund request thereafter would not be catered.

In the case of replacement or repair of items, the lead time will depend on the next available schedule. Konlig shall not be liable for the delay of the delivery of the replacement item

Disposal Existing Furniture

Contact us for the additional cost.