Free-to-move healthy three dimentional seating

Less is more is the design philosophy behind our chair which, through its lines and materials, creates an ergonomic and elegant structure. Its shape is what gives it its function.

Ergonomic Home Office Furniture Helping You Accomplish Your

Best Work

All Konlig products have been designed with ergonomics in mind. An essential factor for comfort and longevity. Ergonomic furniture will increase your comfort which is important considering the average worker spends over 90K hours behind a desk. Being as comfortable as possible will allow you to remain focused on your task for longer.

Unbeatable quality

Bespoke for you

Bring nature into your life

Standing Desk makes an active workday easy

10 years warranty including all metal, mechanical parts and motors


Exceptional durability and design for home or corporate use 

A spacious foundation (no wobbles) for work at any height 

Ergonomic Chair

We'd love to head form you!

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